Do you realise you follow your instinct?

71% of times you don’t follow your navigational app so that you can avoid parks, and what you perceive to be dangerous places.

Walking alone at night can feel unsafe

Women walk disproportionately fewer steps than men each day for fear of attack and will opt to take taxis instead of walking at night time.

Does your app have your back?

We don’t always need to be there quickly but we do want to be there safely. Current navigational apps are made for cars, not for people. We don’t think in ‘metres’.

Introducing amble, your walking companion

The knowledge of a trusted local, in your pocket.


Everyone is different and we give you the tools to design your route based on your own unique preferences. We have different priorities during the day than we do at night time. We give you the power to choose how you want to walk and travel - your route on your terms.


Amble allows you to review your route and report issues or incidences you encounter, ensuring that your route and the one of your fellow amblers continuously improves.

Smart routing

Unlike other apps, we do not just optimise for time but navigate you down the streets you feel safest, enabling you to avoid dangerous areas, parks, unlit and quiet streets and alleyways.

You won’t feel alone anymore, because with amble you will know there are always other Amblers with you.

Voice enabled

As humans we like to connect with the world around us. Rather than look down at a map, we want you to look up and enjoy the world around you. Our voice enabled technology will guide you to your destination. We will tell you to turn right at your favourite shop and not at the next 100 metres or to take the next exit.

What people are saying about amble?

Margaret E.

"I don't want to think about my safety, it should just be included in any direction I am given."

Fred S.

"I actually use voice navigation whilst walking, but it always talks about distance, which is really not intuitive for me."

Sarah W.

"People feel safe in a car, as it feels like a bubble. But when you walk, this disappears."

Thank you for supporting us!